domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Lazy Sunday

Every two weeks my boyfriend comes to Barcelona to see me. Unfortunately, this weekend he has been sick with some fever, so we stayed home every day watching realities and films. My outfit were my pajamas and we didn't celebrate Carnival, but we watched Ironman (loved it!). I'm not a really party girl so I was happy to just spend time with him.

Cada dos semanas mi novio viene a Barcelona a verme. Lastima que este finde ha estado enfermito con fiebre, por lo que nos hemos quedado en casa cada día mirando realities y películas. He podido estar en pijamas todo el finde y no hemos celebrado carnaval, pero hemos mirado Ironman (y me ha encantado!). No es que me apasione salir de fiesta, así que me lo he pasado bien igualmente.

My favourite blanquet. He bought it for me :)

I also replayed Kingdom Hearts! I love love love that game so much! My bf always makes fun of me because he says it can be a "serious" game with all the Disney characters, but it's not true! I super love Disney and Square Enix so it's my favourite game ever.

También he rejugado Kingdom Hearts! Me encaaaanta ese juego! Mi novio siempre se ríe de mi porque dice que no puede ser un juego muy serio con Mickey y Donald por ahí, pero no es verdad! Me encanta Disney y Square Enix, así que es mi videojuego favorito.

That's all for now I think~ I should make some photos of my purchases, but I'm really lazy and I've been procrastinating a lot (I've tons of new things... ). So... what do you like more, going out or stay at home?

Creo que esto es todo por ahora~ Debería hacer fotos de mis compras pero soy muy vaga y lo he ido dejando y dejando... (y ahora tengo mil cosas que fotografiar...). A vosotros que os gusta mas, quedaros en casa o salir de fiesta?


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  1. i've always wanted to play the KH games on the playstation but never got a playstation except for a psp where i got to play KH: Birth by sleep , did you get to play that one

    1. yes, I played it! :D I liked it too (it's the best of the games they sold for portatil consoles) but the ones for playstation are much better. If you can get a ps2 I really recommend them (they're super cheap now).

    2. cool me too i think it cool that it's a prequl to the KH games , and i might but i've been noticing that game developers are making HD packages of old games and bringing them to Next Gen consoles , for example Devil May Cry HD im hoping Square Enix does the same for playstation 4

    3. They're doing it for ps3!!

      I wanted it for ps4 too, but well, I wanted a ps3 anyway... It's not only kh but also kh chain of memories and the scenes from kh 358/2 days <3 I think its a good package (of course they're going to do another one for the other games).